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Mental Health

Here are some helpful resources that I've collected for anyone who might need them! External links will open in a new tab. Pages written by me are marked with a ✿. If you would like to recommend a resource for this page, please refer to my info page.

Need Help Now?

Kids Help Phone (For Canadian kids, teens, and young adults)

Get immediate help (United States)

988 (Canada's national suicide crisis helpline)

Hope for Wellness (For Indigenous Canadians)

Crisis Text Line (United States)

International suicide hotlines

Get help with substance use (Canada)

Youthspace (For Canadians under 30)

The Trevor Project (For LGBT youth)

Find help in your region/country

Fireweed Collective's crisis toolkit

Non-Emergency Support

7 Cups (Anonymous non-emergency peer support)

Tradcatfem's list of mental health resources (Helpful apps, UK-based resources, and recommendations for both Christian and secular books about mental health)

Wellness Together Canada (Free mental health resources, peer support, and phone counselling)

Warmline Directory(A list of non-emergency peer support lines in the United States

General Self-Care

My method for getting to bed on time

Interactive self-care guide

Hand and wrist stretches

Weekly self-care checklist

Tips for good mental health (Written in simple language for people who have trouble with written English)

Coping with stress

Mental Health Guide for College Students

Mental health and your vision


How to ADHD (YouTube Channel)


Mental health tips feat. Anxiety Wolf

Tips for Anxiety Relief and Management

Audio for mindful meditation

Breathing techniques

Anxiety Canada

Test anxiety

Guided meditation for exam stress

Clear Fear

Melancholic Angel (Allows you to type out your worries and release them into the void)

FreeCBT (Guide for challenging cognitive distortions)

Depression, Low Mood and Mood Disorders

Move Mood

Self-care tips for depression

College guide for students with mood disorders

Eating Disorders

50 reasons to eat + recover (Video)

Eating disorder recovery tips and self-help

Emotional Regulation

Emotion regulation in dialetical behaviour therapy

DBT TIPP skills

Interactive mood wheel

What is anger? (Written in simple language for people who have trouble with written English)

OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

What are intrusive thoughts?

Four steps for OCD


Information about religious OCD

Porn Addiction

The EasyPeasy Method


Relationships and Communication

Using I statements

Codependency and boundaries

Adult attachment theory

Emotional Codes

Am I part of the problem? (An interactive guide to making amends when you've hurt someone)

Schizophrenia and Psychosis

What is schizophrenia?

Psychosis 101


Fatal to the flesh (A website where you can click and drag to create cuts on the screen. May be triggering or helpful, depending on the person)

Self-harm help guide

Stress management strategies (PDF)

Distraction techniques and alternative coping strategies (PDF)

Responding to questions about scars (PDF)

Recovering from self-injury (PDF)

Reaching out for help (PDF)

Calm Harm

Substance Use

You and Substance Use

Making healthier choices about substance use

Suicidal Thoughts

Seeking help for suicidal thoughts

How to cope with suicidal thoughts


Coping with flashbacks

Coping with traumatic stress responses

Self-Care After Rape (Also has articles for friends, family, and partners of survivors)

Children's Mental Health

Psychological first aid for parents (PDF)

Helping your anxious child or teen

Religious OCD in children

Resources for Family and Friends

Misconceptions about self-injury (PDF)

Anosognia and anorexia symptoms

r/BPDPartners (Online community for friends, family and partners of people with Borderline Personality Disorder)

Combined Minds (App for friends and family of young people with mental health issues)

How to help a suicidal person

Suicide myths

10 things not to say to someone with an eating disorder (Video)

Dealing with addiction in your family

Helping a friend you're worried about

Christian Mental Health Resources

Finding God's blessings on difficult days

Thrive workbook (PDF)

Guided into Living Grace (PDF)

Obsessional thoughts or genuine risk?

Supporting good mental health

Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous (PDF)

Find a Catholic therapist

Lent and Eating Disorders

Other Resources

Mental health tips by Pixie (Video)

You're not useless (Video)

Get Self Help

10 ways to reach out when you're struggling with your mental health

Sista Afya (An organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness for Black women)

Therapy for Black Girls

Softheartclinic's blanket fort

Mental health during pregnancy

Mental health carrd

How to feel good

Men & (Mental health and relationship resources for men)