Update Log

1/7/2024: Removed broken links and added some new ones.

1/2/2024: Added some links, made some minor edits and accessibility tweaks, made the website compatible with mobile devices. If anyone runs into problems navigating the site with a keyboard, phone, or screen reader, please let me know so I can fix it.

12/30/2023: Added writing section, made some minor edits, began wrestling with stylesheets. I also checked my email for the first time in 7 months and deleted everything in my inbox out of shame. I will try to check it more consistently from now on!

5/28/2023: Fixed a broken link, edited the library page. Larger edits are on the way!

11/11/2022: Minor edits, added resources to both resource lists, updated playlist.

9/5/2022: Minor edits and updates

7/17/2022: Added some mental health resources, created an info page for people who want their resources listed on the site.

5/19/2022: Added links to all link directories, added email address to main page.

2/13/2022: Made some minor edits, added some resources to both resource pages, expanded Cool Links page.

1/23/2022: Rewrote main page, fixed some wonky formatting.

1/22/2022: Changed some backgrounds, moved some links, centred everything. There may be some odd formatting on certain pages until I can find the time to clean everything up.

1/21/2022: Made some minor edits to a few pages.

1/20/2022: Updated mental health resources page, added and removed some pregnancy and parenting resources.

1/16/2022: Added more blinkies.

1/12/2022: Reorganized mental health resources and added a few new ones, added a button to index page.

1/11/2022: Added some banners, moved update log to its own page, expanded and reorganized cool links page, added to list of pregnancy and parenting resources.

1/9/2022: Added pregnancy and parenting resources, added page of cool links, added fancy text, moved navigation menu, removed links on blinkies, added music player.