The Birthday Massacre

Fun fact about me: when I was a kid, I really wanted to be goth! We didn't have any goth music in the house, so I settled for walking around with a Halloween sound effects CD in my CD player. When I was around 14, I remembered my childhood wish and realized that, with the power of the internet, I could listen to as much goth music as I wanted! With this in mind, I went straight to the TVtropes page for gothic rock and searched the band names for something that resonated with me. When I saw The Birthday Massacre on the list, I thought it sounded like my kind of music, and I was right! TBM embody a contrast between the sweet and feminine and the horrific in a beautifully subtle way. They have literally no bad songs. Although they fall more into the category of "music goths like" as opposed to "goth music" (yes, there is a difference!), they eventually became my gateway into bands like Switchblade Symphony and Batzz in the Belfry, and they remain one of my favourite bands. Below are a few of my favourite TBM songs:

I'm pretty sure the first song I listened to by them was either this one or In the Dark. I love the aesthetic of the music video.

I once saw a YouTube comment that compared this one to the plot of Death Note, and now I can't unhear it.

I listened to this song a whole bunch of times while putting together a playlist for a friend, and now it's one of my favourites.

Very different from the rest of their songs, but also very good.

I used to sing this to myself constantly (also, I'd never seen the music video before now but holy potatoes it sure is something. Content warning for kidnapping I guess).


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