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Cool Links

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You can also check out these websites:

Neocities Sites

soft heart clinic Birds and Stars Bizarre Dollhouse Koinuko Pain Blissnet Heart 143 Teddybear Halo Dib's Laboratory buried alive strxwbrrymilk nyaa Lovesick

Cynical Neo Princessism

Other Sites

Art on the Web

Art websites by Rafaël Rozendaal (Warning: some contain intense flashing lights)

Nobody Here

The Required Field

Goth Stuff

Gothic Charm School

The Belfry Network


Open source game clones

Free Rice (Answer trivia questions to feed the hungry)

Paper snowflake maker

Christian Stuff

e-Catholic 2000

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition

Agape Catholic Bible Study

Citizenship and Social Justice

Petitions to the Canadian government

Petitions to the UK government

How To Be Pro-Life

Development and Peace (A Canadian organization that supports partner organizations, mainly in the Global South, from a Catholic Social Justice perspective)

Rehumanize International (A pro-life organization based around a consistent life ethic)

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (Canada)

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (USA)

Canadian Council of People with Disabilities (See also their reflections on Tracy Latimer's murder)

Not Dead Yet (A disability rights group that opposes assisted suicide in the USA)

Toujours Vivant (The Canadian equivalent of Not Dead Yet)

Black Women Birthing Justice

Other Cool Links

Ghost of the Doll (A toy collectors' website)

Vegan recipes


Mystical Unicorn (This was my favourite website when I was a kid!)